How the project works

The fundamental condition for participation in the Lakshmi Flow project is inviolate adherence to the principles of deepest honesty and openness, the principles of mutual trust and mutual assistance, as well as the principle of the succession of grace in the flow of the Goddess Lakshmi. This means that each participant of his own free will registers in the project, honestly manages his account, makes donations on his own behalf and invites real people who are also ready to follow the above principles into the project. Only in this case, the flow of grace and abundance, sanctified by the divine energy of the Goddess Lakshmi, will nourish all participants, bringing everyone success and prosperity.

Following the above principles is a hallmark of our project. Despite this, unfortunately, many people with past experience of participating in any financial projects, usually based on human greed and deception, transfer these vices to their actions in our blessed Lakshmi Flow project. They create fake accounts (accounts for which there is no real person) and make minimal donations to them in order to receive rewards for invitations from their own money and quickly become a Guardian. Such a participant sets this deceptive destructive example to his friends, who begin to do the same. As a result, such people only deceive themselves - with their lie they break the chain of succession of grace and fall out of the flow of abundance - as soon as the deception opens, such participants will be deprived of the opportunity to participate in the redistribution of rewards and will be permanently excluded from the project.

If you are ready to faithfully follow all the rules and principles of Lakshmi Flow project, you can make a donation to the project for the benefit of the other participants.

IMPORTANT NOTICE! The amount of the donation should be such that after parting with it, you will not feel either regret or fear of loss, but only the joy of sacrificing it for the benefit of other people.

From this moment on, you join Lakshmi Flow and start receiving rewards every day from donations of other participants. This lasts for 300 days, and the amount of daily reward varies from 0.7 to 1.2% per day depending on the amount of the donation made by you. The following is a table of conformity of these two parameters:

  • $
  • 0.7% per day for a contribution from 20 $
  • 0.8% per day for a contribution from 100 $
  • 0.9% per day for a contribution from 500 $
  • 1% per day for a contribution from 1 000 $
  • 1.1% per day for a contribution from 5 000 $
  • 1.15% per day for a contribution from 10 000 $
  • 1.2% per day for a contribution from 50 000 $
  • 1.25% per day for a contribution from 100 000 $
  • Year Deposit $
  • for a contribution from 20 $ - 400%
  • for a contribution from 1000 $ - 420%
  • for a contribution from 5000 $ - 440%
  • for a contribution from 10000 $ - 460%
  • for a contribution from 20000 $ - 480%
  • for a contribution from 30000 $ - 500%
  • 0.7% per day for a contribution from 0.1 ETH
  • 0.8% per day for a contribution from 1 ETH
  • 0.9% per day for a contribution from 5 ETH
  • 1% per day for a contribution from 10 ETH
  • 1.1% per day for a contribution from 50 ETH
  • 1.15% per day for a contribution from 100 ETH
  • 1.2% per day for a contribution from 500 ETH


In order to receive rewards every day do not forget to click the red button "Receive reward" every 24 hours.


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Every week, on Sunday, you can withdraw the rewards received during the week from the project, and it is very important that every time you receive money, you leave a grateful feedback on the project website and spend the money received in the project to improve your life. As a result, if all the participants strictly follow the rules of the project, everyone will receive 3 times more during the year than he donated!

For maximum convenience of the participants, accepting donations and paying rewards are made in the cryptocurrencies. You can make new donations at any day, unlimited number of times and for any amount, starting from 20 $.


You make a donation of 1000 $ and every day you receive a reward of 1% of the amount of your donation, which is 10 $. Total for the week your reward will be 60 $ and every Sunday you can withdraw this amount to your bitcoin wallet. Your donation remains active for 300 days, which means for the year you will receive rewards totaling 3000 $, that is 3 times more than the amount of your donation.


The minimum amount of donation to the project is 20 eCurrency, 0.1 Ethereum or 20 PM-$. If for any reason you send an amount less than minimum amount, it will not be credited to your account and will be lost forever. Therefore, please carefully check the donation amount before sending funds, make sure you send at least 20 $ to the project.


The project sets a minimum donation amount at the level of 20 $ only so that even the most mistrustful participants are convinced in practice that the project is really working successfully. In fact, every conscious participant of the Lakshmi Flow project understands that in order to feel the effect and benefit from the weekly rewards that are received in the project, you need to make a donation much more than the minimum amount. For each person it will be a different amount, but the effect should be the same: the every week opportunity to spend the received rewards for a qualitative change of their lives and the lives of their loved ones, as well as a gradual approach to the level of prosperity, when there is enough money for everything you need for full valuable living in the modern world.

It is very important that after you begin to regularly receive rewards from the project, you start to share information about the project with your relatives, friends and acquaintances, thereby introducing them to the flow of abundance of Lakshmi Flow. This should be done both in live communication and posting positive posts about the project in social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and others. Your activity will be of benefit to the project as a whole and to you personally, since every time a new participant joins the flow at your invitation, you will receive an additional reward — 7% of the amount donated by your invitee.

In addition, if you are one of the most active participants and invite 10 or more people to the project, you can take a special form of serving the project and become a Flow Guardian. Each Flow Guardian serves a separate group of participants, which consists of all the people he invited, as well as those who are invited by these people and so on ad infinitum. As a Flow Guardian, you will receive an additional reward — 5% of the amount of each donation made by each participant in your group.

Learn more about the role of the Flow Guardian.

As a result, if you are both the Inviter and the Flow Guardian of the new participant at the same time, then you will receive 12% additional reward from each amount of his donation!

Confessing the principles of mutual trust and mutual assistance, I want to make a voluntary gratuitous donation for the benefit of the participants of the Lakshmi Flow project and to discover the sacred flow of abundance of Goddess Lakshmi.

Minimum deposit from 20$
You get the right to make the request of funds weekly for
$ $
since Sunday is a withdrawal day, no rewards are accrued on Sundays
Maximum amount of your requests during the year may make up to
$ $